Curbside Voting Procedure  (2008)

This is what happens when the precinct officials recognize that a curbside voter has arrived and is waiting for service. This assumes the most straighforward situation:  correct name and address found in pollbook, correct ballot is available, no overvote or extraneous marks found by M100, etc.

OFFICIALS ←←←←    Curbside voter signals desire to vote:  "Hello, in there!" CURBSIDE VOTER
REGISTRATION TABLE Carry blank ATV form, BIC pen, and privacy shield to voter    →→→
Voter states name, physical address, (and political party), takes oath,
completes ATV Section D, (and marks party for desired ballot in ATV Section A)
←←←←←←    Return ATV containing completed Section D
Official finds voter in pollbook, verifies voter information,
applies label to ATV, and initials ATV
↓↓↓      Take now-labeled ATV to Ballot Table     
Official checks ATV (but does not number it yet),
gets ballot, and records ballot style (and political party)
Carry ATV, ballot, privacy shield, pen, and "I Voted" sticker to voter    
Voter signs ATV Section A, then receives ballot;
voter fills out ballot and puts it into privacy shield
←←    Return completed ballot (in privacy shield), signed ATV, and pen
ATV and ballot (still in privacy shield) are given to a Judge; Ballot Table
official ensures voter has signed ATV, then numbers and spindles it
↓↓↓      Take ballot (still in privacy shield) to M100     
Judge inserts ballot into scanner
and checks that it was read correctly
Make assurance visit to voter:  "Your ballot was read"    →→→→
OFFICIALS ←←←←←←    Return with curbside voter's "Thank you"

Note that I have modified the flow from what is specified in the current Pollworker Manual on page B-14. Essentially I have swapped steps 13 and 14 to ensure the ballot is inserted into the M100 only after the ATV has been examined at the Ballot Table, e.g., to be sure Section A has been signed by the voter. I did not attempt to correct the Pollworker Manual directions that have both the curbside voter and the Ballot Table official marking the Party field in Section A of the ATV. This appears to be a deficiency in the current ATV form.
Jeff Knauth

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