Curbside Voting Procedure  (November 2021)

OFFICIALS ((((   Via button on curbside stand, voter signals desire to vote:   ((((  "DING DONG!" CURBSIDE
   Take blank ATV, brown privacy sleeve, and black penS to voter's car .  
  • Read to the voter the oath in Section B of the ATV.
  • Instruct the voter to complete and sign Section B of the ATV.
  • Ask the voter to state their name and residential address.
  • Repeat this infomation aloud to the voter for confirmation.
  • Curbside Official then signs and dates Section B of the ATV.
←←←    Go to Registration Table with ATV, pens, and privacy sleeve.   
Registration Table Official finds voter in pollbook, verifies voter information, removes label from pollbook, and affixes it to Section A of ATV.
Note:  If this is not for a "Perfect Scenario Voter" (e.g., mismatch between label and ATV Section B for name or residence address, or "A" or "V" on label), then the Curbside Official must go to the Help Table, taking the ATV with the attached label. The Help Table Official, Curbside Official, and voter will then interact.
↓↓↓      Take ATV to Ballot Table.    
Ballot Table Official checks ATV for ballot style, gets ballot, and records issued ballot style on ATV, but DOES NOT number ATV yet.
  Take ATV, pens, and ballot (inside privacy sleeve) to voter's car.    
  • Point out "I certify that" section to voter.
  • Voter verifies and signs ATV Section A, then returns ATV to Curbside Official.
  • Curbside Official checks and then initials Section A of ATV.
  • Curbside Official only then gives ballot and privacy sleeve to voter.
  • Voter fills out ballot and puts it into privacy sleeve
  • Curbside Official asks voter to wait while ballot is inserted into Tabulator.
←←←←    Return with ballot (inside privacy sleeve), ATV, and pens.  
 ATV and ballot (still inside privacy sleeve) are given to a Judge (may be 
 the Chief Judge), who verifies the ATV has been completed properly. 

Note:  If the Curbside Official is a Judge, the ballot must be given to a different Judge for insertion into the Tabulator.
ATV is given to Ballot Table Official to be numbered and spindled.
↓↓↓    The Judge takes ballot (still inside privacy sleeve) to Tabulator.   
Judge inserts ballot into Tabulator and checks that it was read correctly.
  Take "I Voted" sticker to voter and say "Your ballot was counted".    →→
←←←←←←←      Return with curbside voter's "Thank you".    

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