Instructions for Keurig B31 Coffee Maker

  1. Press POWER button if machine is not already powered on (no lights lit anywhere)
    [ Small blue "water drop" light will start blinking ]
  2. Add water
    1. Raise large lid on top
    2. Pour in water from mug
    3. Close lid
      [ Small blue "handle" light will start blinking ]
  3. Put empty mug on platform under spout    DON'T FORGET TO DO THIS !!!
  4. Raise large handle in front   (handle is black on some models, silver on others)
    [ You will hear water start to drain into reservoir ]
    1. Remove and discard old K-Cup if present
    2. Shake and insert new K-Cup
      (Don't insert new K-Cup if you are just doing a cleaning cycle)
    3. Wait for drain to complete, which takes about five seconds from the start of drain
      [ The gurgling sound will stop ]
  5. Press down large handle
    [ BREW button will start to blink blue ]
  6. Press BREW button
    • [ BREW button will blink red during brew (lasts about two minutes) ]
    • [ BREW button will turn solid red when brew completes ]
    • [ Sound will change ]
    • [ Hot liquid will then dispense into mug ]
    • [ BREW button will go dark ]
    • [ Small blue "water drop" light will start blinking ]
  7. Remove used K-Cup
    1. Open large handle
    2. Take out and discard old K-Cup
    3. Close large handle
  8. Remove mug of brewed liquid from platform
  9. Do cleanup if required (see NOTE below)
  10. To do another brew right away, start at  "Add water",  step 2 above
  11. Otherwise
    1. Press POWER button to turn off machine
    2. Or let it power off by itself after about 90 seconds

NOTE:  After using these types of K-Cups, extra cleaning is required to avoid clogging the machine.

To do the cleaning, just do another brew, but don't insert a new K-Cup after removing the old one, i.e., just boil water and let it drain into a mug, then discard that hot water.

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