Instructions for Keurig K-Compact Coffee Maker

  1. Press POWER button if coffee maker is currently powered off, i.e., no lights are lit
    Power button's green light will turn on
    "Boiling" sound may occur after a few seconds, but you don't have to wait for this
  2. If water is needed, small blue "Add Water" light is on, add water to reservoir in back
    1. Lift off reservoir's clear plastic lid
    2. Pour in some water, but DON'T overfill
      Maximum water level is top edge of marker tapes on reservoir sides
    3. Replace reservoir lid
  3. Put empty cup on drip tray, centered under spout    DON'T FORGET TO DO THIS !!!
  4. Insert K-Cup
    1. Raise large silver handle labeled "Keurig"
    2. Remove and discard old K-Cup if present
    3. Shake and insert new K-Cup
      Don't insert new K-Cup if you are just doing a cleaning cycle (described in NOTE box below)
    4. Firmly press down large silver handle
      Lights in all three "Cup Size" buttons will start to blink blue   (This may take 5 or 10 seconds)
  5. Press "Cup Size" button for desired size:  small (6 oz.),   medium (8 oz.),   large (10 oz.)
    The selected button's light will turn solid blue
    Don't select a size larger than the cup you put on the drip tray, or the cup may overflow
  6. Brewing takes place
    • Loud "boiling" sound starts after less than a minute
    • Normally takes one or two minutes to complete the brew
    • Hot liquid will then dispense into cup
  7. Remove used K-Cup only after the "Cup Size" button's blue light turns off
    1. Raise large silver handle
    2. Take out and discard old K-Cup
    3. Press down large silver handle
  8. Remove cup of brewed liquid
    Do cleanup if required -- only needed for a few types of K-Cups; see NOTE below
    A few seconds after you press down the large silver handle after removing your K-Cup, there will be more loud "boiling" sounds and the three "Cup Size" button lights will flash. You can ignore this or proceed to brew another cup, starting at step 2 above, which adds more water if needed.
  9. Otherwise
    1. Press POWER button to turn off coffee maker
    2. Or let it power off by itself after about two hours

After using these types of K-Cups, some immediate cleaning is required to avoid clogging the coffee maker:

To do the cleaning, just do another brew, but don't insert a new K-Cup after removing the old one, i.e., just boil water and let it drain into a waste cup, then discard that hot water.

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