North Bend Townhouse Homeowners Association

In October 2005 I created the website for NBTHA, the North Bend Townhouse Homeowners Association, and maintained the site until late April 2012. I wrote many of the files on the website and edited/formatted almost all of them, about 1000. From 2006 thru 2011 I organized and published the North Bend Newsletter each month, as well as five editions of the North Bend Directory and Guidelines (one about every 18 months). Until late April 2012 I maintained all of NBTHA's IT and other office equipment equipment and software, developing software tools, reports, and procedures when requested or needed.

Using experience gained from working with the Wake County Board of Elections, in 2006 I put together the NBTHA election procedures. I did the associated mailings and helped run the elections from 2006 thru the September 2011 election; this normally would have been handled by the NBTHA Secretary. For a good part of a year, mainly in 2011, I also filled in for the Secretary by writing the NBTHA Board minutes.

All the above NBTHA work is now being handled by other people or is no longer being done. For further background, as well as past and current status, see here.

The North Bend homeowners association (NBTHA) replaced many townhouse roofs in 2010. I recorded attic temperatures (Excel file) before and after my roof was replaced. Note that the summer of 2010 set many heat records in our area.