Some Curbside Voting Considerations

Last Updated:   10/10/23  13:43

Avoid Carpool Times

Definitely avoid coming to vote during the school's carpool times. You can get trapped in a long line of cars. It's hard or impossible to navigate around the line. The times to avoid are usually:

These times can change!  If either Wake County or the school declares a teacher workday on Election Day, there will be no lines at all. The most recent carpool times are listed in "Information Mainly for Precinct 19-19 Voters". To easily access this web page, go to my website, Then in the "Wake County Board of Elections" section, click the big, yellow button similar to this: "Information Mainly for Precinct 19‑19 Voters"

In addition to some more detailed curbside voting information, the page has much other information about elections at the Sanford Creek Elementary School polling place. You should bookmark it for future elections. Its address is Use the exact case shown here, i.e., type WakeBOE, not wakeboe.

Getting To the Curbside Parking Area  --  Go around the Loop!

When you enter the school's parking lot, carefully follow the arrows and signs to loop around to finally get down to the lanes adjacent to the school building. See the diagram below.

The curbside area is marked by orange cones. When you approach the curbside area, DO NOT try to make a left turn directly into the area's entrance, i.e., don't attempt to reverse course and make a 180 degree turn into the area. Instead, keep following the pavement arrows and signs to go all the way around the final loop, which is near the school entrance. You can use the inside lane if you need to bypass cars parked in the loop.

Once around the loop, drive forward and enter the curbside area as directed by our arrows and signs. By doing this, you will be able to easily push the doorbell button on the curbside stand and will also be pointed the right way to exit. After you vote, drive forward and exit at the arrow. Carefully watch for traffic in the lane you will exit into.

Jeff Knauth
Chief Judge for Precinct 19-19
Path to Curbside Area