Packing Up after the Election

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After poll closing and the last voter has left the enclosure, we divide into two teams to pack up -- the three Judges in one team and all the Assistants in the other.  The following charts describe the collection and placement of packing-up items.

After all the collecting has been done, some items in the Assistants section of page 1 (the WCBOE Table page) will be merged with items in the Judges section to assemble what will be returned to the WCBOE dropoff site.

To help distribute work among the Assistants, some additional formatting is done on page 2 (the Jeff's Table page).  The Assistants section items are grouped into three numbered blocks with each block listing related items.  Also, in the table in block 2, different formats are used for outside vs inside signs; this should help you locate the signs.

 To begin, set up two long tables.

WCBOE Table For items I will take to the WCBOE dropoff site Tuesday night.
Jeff's Table For items I will take home, either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.
Note:  These items  CANNOT  BE TAKEN TO MY CAR until the Chief Judge and Judges have completed all the paperwork. They will then go in the TRUNK of the car (as much as possible).

Judges handle these items

This background color (hidden
when printed) flags items which
get merged between the sections.
  •  Tabulator
  •  Chief Judge Supply Bag (some items in this bag are collected in the section below)
    •  Gold Envelope (this envelope contains the flash drive from the Tabulator)
    •  Chief Judge Binder (the binder contains signed Quick Guides, collected below, as well as the Chief Judge Badge)
    •  "Chief Judge Pocket Guide" (the CJPG goes into the Chief Judge Supply Bag as the LAST car-loading step)
    •  Red, white, and blue bags (the red and white bags were collected below, as well as some blue bag contents)
    •  Mobile phone and charger (the bag containing the phone and charger was collected below)
    •  ExpressVote ballot box (this slim, orange ballot box was collected below)
  •  Boxes of voted ballots   (boxes sealed at poll closing plus gray bin's sealed boxes, collected below)

Assistants handle these items

  •  Boxes of voted ballots from gray bin (these sealed boxes, if present, will eventually go with the above voted ballots boxes
  •  Red, white, and spoiled bags (these bags will eventually go in the Chief Judge Supply Bag; see above)
  •  Mobile phone and charger (this bag will eventually go in the Chief Judge Supply Bag; see above)
  •  ExpressVote ballot box (orange) (Chief Judge and Judges will eventually seal this box with a signed label, "Box 1 of 1" )
  •  Boxes of unvoted ballots (Chief Judge and Judges will eventually seal these boxes with signed labels)
  •  Boxes of pollbooks (RT Officials have sealed all filled boxes with blue tape and have folded up any empty boxes)
  •  Boxes of unused ATVs (RT Officials have sealed all filled boxes with blue tape and have folded up any empty boxes)
  •  Laptop bag(s) (each bag contains a laptop and all the parts originally in the bag)
  •  Eight orange traffic cones (the cones have been folded and put in their two boxes)
  •  LED system with tripod (if it was used, the system is put back in its box)

"Return to Jeff"  Box     Be sure this box is put on the WCBOE Table.

Quick Guides:  ☐ HT  ☐ BT  ☐ RT  ☐ VA  ☐ AO
 Pocket Folders:  ☐ HT  ☐ BT  ☐  Packing Up

All the Quick Guides will go in the Chief Judge Binder. The two BT folder sheets ("Tabulator/ATV Match" and "Curbside Affidavit Tracking") will go in the blue bag.

The "Ballot Count Reconcilation" worksheet and the draft "Reconciliation Form" are used to prepare the official "Reconciliation Form" that goes in the blue bag.

BT folder should have:

  •  "Tabulator/ATV Match" sheet
  •  "Curbside Affidavit Tracking" sheet
  •   "Ballot Count Reconcilation" worksheet
  •   Draft "Reconciliation Form"


========================================   PAGE 2   ========================================

Jeff's Table
Note:  Some of these items  CAN  BE TAKEN TO MY CAR before the paperwork is completed. They will go in the FRONT of the car to separate them from the items to be left at the dropoff site.

Judges handle these items

A   Things I Retrieve from the Break Room All these items CAN BE MOVED to the car at any time.
  •  Banker's box #1: Coffee cups, spoons, sugar, creamer, paper towels, plastic bags
  •  Styrofoam cooler: My Keurig coffee maker
  •  Shallow coffee box: K-cups, Keurig instructions, cardboard box lid, two bungee cords to secure the lid
  •  Halloween candy box: If I brought the box for this election
B   Things I May Need Later, e.g., To Complete Forms DO NOT MOVE these items to the car immediately.
  •  Large carrying case: Two notebooks, two clipboards, small medical bag, umbrella
  •   Banker's box #2: My tools, office supplies, first aid kit, KN95 masks, masking tape, extra blue tape, etc.

Some Key Items for "Banker's Box #2"   (either needed for poll closing or located away from the CJ Table)

Shallow collection box     "Return to Jeff" box  (from WCBOE Table with HT, BT, Packing Up pocket folders)

Flashlight  (needed for packing the car)    My 8-ft extension cord  (if used)     Small LED lights  (if used)

Assistants handle these items

1    The Few Items That Are Not Signs All these items CAN BE MOVED to the car at any time.
  •   Tan rug:  Used to cover floor outlet plate in front of the Tabulator (remove tape)
  •   White cloth bag:  Garbage bags, paper towels, rain coat (kept under the Rain Table)
  •   Water bags kit:  Used to hold down the curbside stand (set out on a very windy day; kept in the white cloth bag)
  •   BMS inner box:  Heavy box used hold up ballot packs in BMS (present only if Ballot Management System is used)
2    Small Signs in "Jeff's Signs" Box This box CAN BE MOVED to the car after  ALL THESE ITEMS  have been collected.
  • See parking lot signs retrieval and curbside/accessible parking for locations of the outside signs.
  • Put in the "Jeff's Signs" box all the smaller items from the table below.  The "CAST YOUR BALLOT" sign is too large to fit in that box; just put it under the box.
  • Signs or sheets can be left attached to the file jackets put in the "Jeff's Signs" box.
  • The table cells for color-printed signs located outside the building are formatted like this: 
    Sign outside the building
"Slide ballot into ..." Directions to Media Center  (taped to school's main door) "NO PARKING ... Curbside Voting Exit"
"Insert ballot in slot by ..." "DOORBELL BUTTON" "Ring the DOORBELL for ..." "Don't Forget!  Bring in your PHOTO ID"
"CAST YOUR BALLOT" "Board of Elections Car" "The Polls Are Now CLOSED"  File jackets from top of sign stands
"Get in the line per the ..." "Ballot Table Waiting Area" "Follow the RED arrows" Remind Jeff to get totals tape #4.
3    Large Signs I'll Take Home Wednesday Put these signs beside Jeff's Table for now; DO NOT MOVE them to the car.

++  signs:  (Tagged: "Property of Jeff Knauth")  Partially detach PVC-pipe brace; fold the A-frame; leave signs attached.

  •  One A-frame with a "... Go AROUND the LOOP" sign and a black-on-yellow arrow on back
  •  One A-frame with a ("No Left Turn") sign and a "CURBSIDE VOTING" + red arrow combo sign

##  signs:  Leave the H-frame signs inserted in the frames.  Bundle the frames together with two small bungee cords.

  •   Two H-frame "EXIT" signs (by parking lot entrance/exit and at middle lane's exit)
  •   Five H-frame "CURBSIDE VOTING" signs (beside lower lanes and at middle lane's exit)

$$  signs:  Leave H-frame signs inserted in the frames.  Leave the two wires and sign attached to the frameless sign's rod.

  •   Two H-frame "ALTERNATE PARKING LOT" signs (by the entrances to the two gravel parking lots)
  •   One frameless vinyl "VOTER PARKING HERE" sign (on rod hung from two SCES cones; leave the cones)

========================================   PAGE 3   ========================================

Summary of *ALL* Sign Handling and Some Non-Sign Items

See parking lot signs retrieval and curbside/accessible parking for the locations of the outside signs.

Signs Put at Jeff's Table    (details are in blocks 2 and 3 on the preceding page)

Per 2:My color-printed signs: Put these signs in the "Jeff's Signs" box at Jeff's Table. The file jackets used on the sign stands will also go in the "Jeff's Signs" box. The big "CAST YOUR BALLOT" sign can go under the box.

Some signs below are haloed in the parking lot signs retrieval diagram.  The halos appear like this: 

Per 3:A-frame and H-frame signs:  Put these signs beside Jeff's Table.  Don't detach the signs.

Per 3:Vinyl haloed sign and rod hung on two SCES traffic cones:  Don't detach wires and sign from the rod.

All Other Signs and Some Small Non-sign Items


The last page of the "All Officials Quick Guide" has a general packing-up summary and some details about packing up the ExpressVote and voting booths. Here are some additional considerations for our polling place: