Registration Table Processing as Modified by Photo ID

Last Updated:   10/8/23  11:00

Requiring a photo ID check for each voter changes Registration Table (RT) processing. The order outlined below ensures that a photo ID check is always done somewhere. In most cases the check is done only at the RT. If the voter is sent to the Help Table (HT) for any reason, the HT Official does the check ONLY if there is no ATV provided for the voter at the RT or if the RT Official marked the "No ID" box on the voter's ATV.

Sending the voter to the HT too early from the RT could result in no one doing the photo ID check. For example suppose the RT Official saw a "V" on the voter's label before doing the photo ID check and then erroneously sent the voter to the HT immediately without having done the photo ID check at the RT. Seeing the "No ID" box was NOT marked on the ATV, the HT Official would assume the RT Official had done the photo ID check successfully and would not do the check at the HT, so no one would do the required check. Below is the procedure order to ensure the proper checking will be done:

  1. Ask voter for name.
    (If the voter tries to give you their photo ID too soon, ask them to please hold it while you first seach for their pollbook label.)
  2. Do name search in pollbook to find a "best-can-do" label.
    (This is not pointed out explicitly in the current WCBOE documents, but it is required at this point in the procedure.)
    • If multiple labels are found for the stated name (or something close to it) or the name cannot be found at all, have a dialog with the voter about the name -- spelling, recent name change, order of name parts, etc.
    • If there is still a question, ask the voter for the residential address to help find the best label.
      (A dialog with the voter may be required, e.g., if the voter said there was an address change.)
      (The residential address will be asked for in Step 5 if not asked for here.)
    • IGNORE any address on the photo ID; a photo ID address need not match the address on the label.
    • DO NOT send the voter to the Help Table yet for any label problems seen now.
      (Things like "V", "A", name change, and address update will be handled in later steps.)
    • Send the voter to the HT now ONLY if the label cannot be found.  The voter will take no ATV to the HT.
    • ALWAYS do the following photo ID check if the voter's label can be found.
  3. Ask voter for photo ID.
    (Photo ID alternatives are given to the voter, including going outside to get a forgotten ID, then getting back in line.)
  4. Check ID type, possible expiration date, voter appearance, and "name on ID" vs "name on pollbook label".
    • For any photo ID problem, put the label on an ATV, check the "No ID" box, and send the voter with ATV to the HT.
      Be sure to attach the correct label !!!

    • An HT Official then handles the photo ID problem, perhaps now bringing in the three Judges. If a photo ID re-check passes, the HT Official must then deal with any other anomalies, e.g., a "V" or a change of address or name. Boxes for those were not marked on the ATV at the RT because the photo ID problem stopped RT checking early.
  5. ========== From here on, processing is the same as in prior ("photo ID not required") elections. ==========
  6. Ask for residential address if this was not done in Step 2.
    (A dialog with the voter may be required, e.g., if the voter said there was an address change.)
  7. Verify that name and address (if unchanged) match the label found.
  8. Read label's name and address aloud to the voter to be sure the voter agrees you have the right label.
  9. Do normal "V", "A", "ID", name/address change, etc., processing per the Manual and RT Quick Guide.
    (Don't forget to X out the label's ballot style and its barcode if there is an address change.)
  10. Remove label from pollbook and attach it to an ATV.
    Be sure to attach the correct label !!!

    (Things get VERY complicated if you stick the wrong label on an ATV.)
  11. If there is any problem, send the voter with ATV to the HT with the proper ATV reason box(es) marked.
    (More than one reason box may need to be marked.)
    • When sending to the HT, DO NOT have the voter read the certification text or sign by the X.
    • When sending to the HT, DO NOT initial the ATV.
  12. Only if there are no problems:
    • Have the voter verify the label information, read the certification text, and sign by the X.
    • Then you initial the ATV.
    • Finally, send the voter to the Ballot Table with the ATV.