White and Pink Lists

In the following, "absentee" includes early voting.

⇐--------- White List  (includes pink list names) ----------⇒   ⇐--- Pink List Update ---⇒

Early Absentees

These people voted before the poll books were printed.

Late Absentees

These people voted after the poll books were printed, but before the Monday preceding the election.

Precinct officials must highlight each associated ATV with a pink "A".

Very Late Absentees

These people voted after the pink list was printed.

This is the "Tuesday morning call-ins" update (aka the "Monday night website pink list update").

Precinct officials must add the "Tuesday morning callins" to the white list posted for public viewing.

The white list plus the "Tuesday morning callins" is the complete list of absentee voters thru Monday.

Precinct officials must add these names to the pink list to create the "modified pink list".

The "modified pink list" is used by the Help Table officials to perform the check in Flowchart #2 to detect absentee voters not flagged as VOTED on the laptop.

⇐----- Pink List -----⇒

⇐---------------- Modified Pink List --------------⇒

Knauth    11/7/13  15:09