Curbside Voting Procedure  (Spring 2012)

OFFICIALS << DING DONG >>     Curbside voter signals desire to vote:  "Hello, in there!" CURBSIDE
REGISTRATION TABLE Take blank Curbside Affidavit form, black pen, and privacy sleeve to voter    
Voter states name, residence address, (and political party if a primary election), takes oath, completes and signs form, (UNA voter states party for desired ballot if a primary election).
Curbside Official signs form.
←←←←←←    Return completed Curbside Affidavit form
Registration Table Official finds voter in poll book, verifies voter information, and removes ATV from poll book.   (If this is not for a "Perfect Scenario Voter", Curbside Official must go to the Help Table.)
↓↓↓      Take ATV to Ballot Table.     
Ballot Table Official checks ATV for ballot style, gets ballot, and records issued ballot style on ATV, but does not number ATV yet. Curbside Affidavit is stored at the Ballot Table with other such forms.
Take ATV, ballot, privacy sleeve, and black pen to voter    →→→→→
Voter verifies and signs ATV, then receives ballot. Voter fills out ballot and puts it into privacy sleeve.
Meanwhile Curbside Official checks and initials ATV.
←←    Return completed ballot (in privacy sleeve), signed ATV, and pen
ATV and ballot (still in privacy sleeve) are given to a Judge (or Chief Judge), who verifies the ATV has been completed
properly. ATV is given to the Ballot Table Official to be numbered and spindled.
↓↓↓      Judge takes ballot (still in privacy sleeve) to M100     
Judge inserts ballot into scanner
and checks that it was read correctly
Take "I Voted" sticker to voter and say "Your ballot was counted"    →→→
OFFICIALS ←←←←←←    Return with curbside voter's "Thank you"

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