Information about Upcoming (5/17/2022) Election

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NOTE:  This web page, "Information about Upcoming (5/17/22) Election", focuses on things that are new or unique for this election. In contrast, "Information Mainly for Precinct 19-19 Voters" covers more general areas, which stay pretty much the same for each election. That page also notes things that are specific to the 19-19 polling place. Both pages should be viewed.  Updated: 3/25/22

Redistricting Implications for Precinct 19-19

Because of the recent redistricting, the Wake County Board of Elections (WCBOE) by now should have mailed everyone a new voter card to show your districts for the 5/17/22 election. If you didn't receive a new card this spring, contact the WCBOE at 919-404-4040 or email them at USPS may not have been able to deliver the card to the address that WCBOE has registered for you. It is best to get that corrected before Election Day.   Updated: 5/01/22

It appears most of the district numbers in Precinct 19-19 will stay the same. However we are now to be in Congressional District 2 again -- it seems that every two years we get moved from 2 to 4 or 4 to 2, with of course other big changes to the shapes of those districts. For some good maps, scroll thru WCBOE's district maps. (Be patient. It will take a short while for the big pdf file to download.) For a wider view (up to state-wide), see the Find Your Legislators tool. In its "Show Districts for" you can select either the current ("Representation") or new ("2022") views of districts; you can zoom in and out and drag the map around with your mouse.   Updated: 3/27/22

Viewing Lists of Candidates

Sample ballots are now available (see below) with which you can see who will be running in the primary election; at least you can see those candidates listed on the ballots for which you are eligible. Of course if there is no opposition within a party for a primary race, the unopposed candidate will not be listed on that party's 5/17/22 ballot, but the candidate will appear on the November ballot.

However thru another path you can see almost all the May AND NOVEMBER candidates, i.e., the lists of all the candidates who have filed in all precincts for all parties for the whole 2022 election cycle, not just those for your party in your precinct for 5/17/22. The Wake County BOE home page used to provide links to both these lists, but later removed them. Here they are for May (candidates running in the primary) and November (candidates uncontested in May, so not on the May ballot). Note some filings have not yet closed for the November election, e.g., for the Board of Education and for Soil and Water Commissioners; those candidates won't be listed until filing for those races concludes.   Updated: 4/28/22

Ways To Vote

As usual, you can vote in one of three ways: at an early voting site, by a mail-in absentee ballot, or at your precinct's polling place. Early voting sites for the May election will open on 4/28/22. You can already request a mail-in absentee ballot; you can then track its progress with BallotTrax. The 19-19 polling place at Sanford Creek Elementary School (SCES) will be open on Election Day, 5/17/22, from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM. See the Information Mainly for Precinct 19-19 Voters web page for more on all these voting procedures and links to the appropriate Wake County BOE web pages. Some other key dates, e.g., the 4/22/22 voter registration/update deadline, are listed near the bottom of the WCBOE home page.

Be aware that if you want to change your party affiliation, that CANNOT be done at the polling place on Election Day, nor can it be done before then at an Early Voting site. It can only be done by updating your registration information and doing that by the 4/22/22 deadline (see above). If you have any questions, you can call the Wake County Board of Elections at 919-404-4040 or email them at   Updated: 3/26/22

Your Voter Registration Information

To verify your eligibility to vote in this election, check your voter registration information. Instructions are in the Information Mainly for Precinct 19-19 Voters web page. The registration information lists your polling place, party affiliation, and much other data, including your registered residence address. (That's the address you carefully update with the BOE whenever you move. Right?!!!) In any event, by Election Day you must have lived at your current residence address for 30 or more days to have that address considered to be your residence address for this election. If you have any questions, you can call the Wake County Board of Elections at 919-404-4040 or email them at

Your Sample Ballots

Accessing your voter registration information (see the section above) will also let you view any sample ballots appropriate for your registered residence address. Scroll down to the "Your Sample Ballot" section. On the right side of the 5/17/2022 line, 19-19 voters will see one or more of these ballot styles:

D0001 for registered Democrats
R0031 for registered Republicans
No eligible ballots if you are not eligible to vote in this election, e.g., your party has no races and thus no ballot for this primary election.

If your registered party affiliation is Unaffiliated, you can choose either the D0001 or the R0031 style to vote.

Reference Information

See the Information Mainly for Precinct 19-19 Voters web page for links to access and change your voter registration information and for further information on ballot styles. This page also has maps and diagrams, links for early voting sites and for absentee voting, instructions for proper use of the Tabulator, considerations about the Stanford Creek Elementary School polling place, and an iMAPS tutorial. Bookmark it so you can find it easily for this and later elections.

Jeff Knauth
Chief Judge for Precinct 19-19

History of Changes

 3/26/22:  Added warning about when and where you can change party affiliation.
 3/27/22:  Noted change of Congressional district and added link to "Find Your Legislators" tool.
 4/28/22:  Re-provided links to candidate lists that the WCBOE home page had provided and later removed.
 5/01/22:  Added what to do if the voter has not received a new voter card.