2017 Precinct Changes:  19-10 Divided into 19-18 and 19-19

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10/26/17:   Curbside/accessible parking users should DEFINITELY AVOID school's "car pool" times.
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Now that the 11/7/17 election is over, this file will be frozen. Another file has been created, using this one as a base. See Information Mainly for Precinct 19-19 Voters. I will update that file for future elections, mainly focusing on things relevant to 19-19 voters, e.g., polling place considerations.

Voting precinct 19-10, which had used the Jones Dairy Elementary School as its polling place, grew large enough that it needed to be divided in two by the Wake County Board of Elections (WCBOE). Precinct 19-10 no longer exists. The part of old 19-10 north of Chalk Road is now the new 19-18 precinct; it will still have Jones Dairy Elementary as its polling place. However all the rest of old 19-10 is now the new 19-19 precinct and will have as its polling place Sanford Creek Elementary School at 701 Granite Falls Blvd. in Rolesville. See the maps below.

These two precincts have races only for the November 2017 election. Their polling places will be closed for the October 2017 election.


Go to the right polling place:  Some voters whose precinct was just changed to 19-19 might accidentally first go to their old 19-10 polling place, Jones Dairy Elementary School. They will be rerouted to Sanford Creek Elementary School. The reverse might happen if a 19-18 voter mistakenly shows up to vote at the new Sanford Creek Elementary School polling place. They will be rerouted to Jones Dairy Elementary School. Everyone needs to know in which precinct they are now registered and go to vote in the polling place for that precinct. That is where their pollbook data is located; it is not in the pollbooks at any other polling place.

Keep in mind that this November's election is a municipal election. If you are in the 19-18 or 19-19 precincts, but don't live within the corporate limits of either Wake Forest or Rolesville, then you are "unincorporated" and are not eligible to vote in this election. Unincorporated voters are not in the pollbooks for a municipal election.

The section below explains how you can check your registration information, including your current precinct, polling place, and municipality (if any).


Maps and pictures: The following items focus on precinct 19-19 since its voters now must go to a new polling place. With some pdf file viewers, certain files may require scrolling to see the whole image; try pressing Ctrl+0 (Ctrl key + 0 key) to fit the image on one page if you don't want to scroll.


How to check your registration information:  When these precinct changes were made, the Wake County Board of Elections (WCBOE) mailed an updated voter card to each voter registered in the old 19-10 precinct. That card lists your (possibly changed) polling place and your voting jurisdiction information, including your municipality, e.g., Wake Forest or Rolesville or unincorporated. You can also see your current registration information by clicking on "Am I Registered?" on the WCBOE website.


How to update your registration information:  If you haven't yet registered but want to vote in the 11/7/17 municipal election, 10/13/17 is the deadline for registering for that election. If you have moved or changed your name after you previously registered, please notify the WCBOE to get your registration updated. Doing that early will make things go much faster for you on election day. All this registering/updating can be done with a form gotten from the WCBOE website. Click on "Register To Vote" or "Change My Name/Address". Both lead to the same form and instructions.


Special considerations for the 19-19 polling place:   Below are several things 19-19 voters will need to consider about Sanford Creek Elementary School. The six WCBOE pictures illustrate some of these points.


I will be the Chief Judge for precinct 19-19; previously I had worked out-of-precinct as the Chief Judge for precinct 19-09 in Rolesville. Since Sanford Creek Elementary has never been a polling place, the upcoming municipal election will be a learning experience for all of us: seeing how best to set up the site, getting voters familiar with the new location, finding how to merge school and election activities, etc.

Please pass on the above information to your neighbors in case they may be unaware of the precinct changes.

Jeff Knauth
Chief Judge for Precinct 19-19

Try iMAPS If You Want More Detailed Maps:  The above WCBOE precinct map is at a high level and gives a good overview. However if anyone wants to dig REALLY deep (down to the lowest level) into things like voting precinct boundaries, municipal corporate boundaries, NC state senate and representative districts, flood plains, greenways, judicial districts, county commissioner districts, and dozens of other such regions, Wake County has a great, free, public tool called iMAPS.

Using the iMAPS Layers facility, you can display a map showing such regions as those listed above. You can zoom in or out, down to individual houses/lots or up to the whole county. You can display multiple layers simultaneously, e.g., how voting precincts and municipal corporate boundaries intersect (important for this municipal election). You can do searches and view property information, e.g., ownership, taxes, and deeds. You can blend street and aerial views. And much more -- this description just scratches the surface of what the tool can do. See iMAPS Usage:  Voting Precincts vs. Municipal Corporate Boundaries for a step-by-step practical example.